Core Process

The Constructive Collaboration (CC) process helps teams to collaborate effectively and to deliver better outcomes.

Teams draw on methods, digital tools and resources that support them through a progressive, challenging and engaging journey of self-improvement.

To deliver and maintain effective collaboration we need to… ‘Constantly Work the Culture’”

Matt Palmer / Phil WilbrahamHeathrow

End to end

The unique CC process supports teams through, any or all of, five clear stages within the life cycle of a project.

The five principle ‘sectors’ for collaboration — behaviour; how we work; organisation; commercial structure; how we learn and improve — are incorporated into one integrated model.

This provides a powerful visualisation of the whole project, allowing teams to see opportunities and threats, and agree comprehensive improvement actions together.

Get ready

Collaborative success is built from foundations that are ideally introduced at project initiation. Core team alignment is translated into a collaborative strategy, created using tools and processes that support the early stages of project scoping and briefing.

Catalysing a collaborative culture then drives success as further team members join.

Design and Delivery

During detailed design and construction, the CC process enables rapid and comprehensive input from the whole team creating an integrated vision of the project.

Teams can assess their status, align views, communicate through challenges or opportunities, explore underlying root causes and agree action plans to move forward.

Once the team had been through the process they were won over... it was 'scarily accurate'. A culture of root cause analysis and simple prioritisation led to easily achievable actions.”
John Dyson VP GSK Capital Strategy & Design

Practical solutions

CC has accumulated the equivalent of
47 years’ worth of project support data

CC has accumulated the equivalent of 47 years’ worth of project support data.

This solid dataset continues to grow and is constantly being mapped and analysed by our team to determine patterns and trends linked to effective collaboration. Practical solutions are extracted to guide clients on how to improve project, programme and portfolio outcomes.

Generalised findings are assimilated for the benefit of the wider community.


Experienced process-led facilitators help teams deploy the CC process. They provide an independent and balanced perspective which helps to engage the whole team.

With a broad understanding of the delivery process they encourage participation which brings teams together. CC works to empower the teams themselves.

CC is pleased to work alongside other skilled collaborative professionals who might focus on complementary one-to-one consulting, coaching and training.

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