Effective collaboration is key to delivering successful outcomes in complex environments. Teams need a process that supports collaboration. Constructive Collaboration (CC) enables teams to understand how they can work together more effectively; this increases productivity across projects, portfolios, organisations and sectors.

Why / how

Collaboration is integral to tackling the biggest societal challenges. Effective collaboration delivers astonishing results, but achieving this requires more than the opportunity and desire to collaborate. The CC process uses a unique model that helps teams rapidly align.

The benefit of bringing the team together and connecting what otherwise might not be connected, is enormous."
Network Rail Programme Manager,
East West Rail Alliance


The model combines people, processes, digital tools and experience from practice. It enables teams to assemble, see the whole picture, and agree targeted actions that help them progressively improve. An additional suite of business intelligence software and strategic services provide insights, enabling associated organisations and portfolios to further enhance their collaborative performance.

People opened up about what was in their minds, and others listened. Emotionally, we got to understand what drives people personally, as well as professionally. We were coaching ourselves to be a better team."
Project Lead,

Remote collaboration

New systems that support remote collaboration are essential to meet the challenges of Covid 19. CC digital processes support fully remote collaboration and we are currently supporting fully remote sessions on a range of major projects.

Clients and their teams report that if anything, the CC process works better in fully remote mode. Whilst physical sessions will still be very useful in the future, we confirm that the CC process can oscillate between fully remote and physical sessions, as needs vary.


Over 250 leading organisations and 1000s of individuals working in multidisciplinary teams across construction, infrastructure and other sectors contributed to the original thinking behind CC.

As well as supporting teams working on live projects, events such as the ‘Integration Workshops’ at the Institution of Civil Engineers and ‘Enabling Collaboration’ at the Royal Academy of Engineering have helped develop and validate the process.


Supported teams report better outcomes, better working, increased productivity, improved quality, completion on time and on budget, and critical risk identification.

We are seeing examples of teams reaching exceptional levels of collaboration; risks are mitigated, and resilience levels improved. The benefits are clear."
Edgar Villa Pouca,Director 2019 - Heathrow
Combined with a culture of root cause analysis and simple prioritisation it (the CC process) led to easily achievable actions. The actions led to tangible improvement in the workings of the team.”
Vice President, Capital Strategy & Design,GlaxoSmithKline
As commitment grows, the value and benefits of a collaborative culture has become increasingly apparent; there is an evident sense of ownership, pride and camaraderie at EWRA.”
Neil Hancock,Programme Manager - East West Rail Alliance


We are passionate about collaboration, working with people and harnessing technology supported by the analytical power of data. Our compact team of permanent and associated professionals advise, guide and facilitate our clients while continually refining the CC process in a live learning environment.

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